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So this weekend was a short one. Yesterday we had a good day in the Busch car. Qualifying on the pole was just so awesome for that race. When we started out, our car was so hooked up! Unfortanely the handling went away some and we finished in the top 5. Not bad I must say! I still am craving that 2nd Busch series win though.

Dover in the Cup car wasnt as much fun for me. We were very fast in all of the practices, but by lap 13 we were done and out of the race. A flywheel or something broke and we were unable to repair it so I was done for the day. The guys in the shop do awesome jobs and I know this may have them down, but we'll go again next week! Guess my first cup win will have to wait another week at least.
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Amazing run in that Great Clips car, brother, but boy do I feel for you in the Nextel Cup race! Did y'all ever confirm that it was the flywheel? That's got to be disappointing, especially after seeing your teammate get a top ten. You've been running great all season though, and I have no doubt that next week will be better... I guess it doesn't take a lot to say that, 'cause you've gotta finish better than 42nd!

The ol' NAPA Chevy didn't fair so well at Dover either. We finished 16th, but the car handled horribly all night. No matter what adjustments we made, it just seemed to get worse and worse. Our State Fair Corn Dogs Chevy in the Busch Series race came home 11th, so we did pretty decent there.

Good luck at Dega next weekend, bud! I know I'm looking forward to that race! Nothing beats returning to a track where you're the defending race winner, besides winning it again of course! You take care!

- Mike
Man, I can totally feel for you. I was going to have such an awesome weekend at Dover. I think my team was hanging out with Kenny's team too much during the busch race. I also know what it feels like to blow an engine. Oh man I just hope you don't end up on a string of them.

See you at Dega...I hope everybody stays out of the Big One.