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Infineon - Definitely NOT my friend..

Infineon was not the most fun for me. I did well in the practices. I usually ran in the top 10. I qualified 30th which is bad for me since I'm used to being up front. I now know why they say that rookies hardly even run well at a road course on their first try. It's next to impossible. Sure, Brian Vickers ran pretty well most of the day but he didn't get the finish he wanted either finishing 22nd. I spun out a couple times. I ran in the front like once, and that's because Casey Mears and I pitted right before the caution came out so we got to start 1-2. Unfortanely my car wasn't set up the best and I ended up spinning. I heard what happened to Vickers though with Tony Stewart. I'm definitely thinking he can't be my mentor anymore because he isn't following the golden rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. If pushing people out of the way on the track is how he wants to be treated then I guess he isn't going to be happy ever again. I ended up finishing 31st a lap down. I lost a spot in the points since Jamie McMurray finished 2nd so now I'm 484 points out of 1st in 12th place. Daytona is next week and I'm back in the Busch car so it shall be fun. Congrats to Mikey on such a wonderful finish. I can't wait to see Jimmy Spencer back on the track again. It shall be on exciting night race. Hopefully Jeremy and I can draft well together and maybe beat those DEI boys! It shall be fun! Until then guys. See ya this week at the track!!

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