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Chicagoland...Cup Race..

Well, I qualified second for the Tropicana 400 and thought it was going to be a great day. The Dodge Dealers #9 was running awesome. I couldn't ask for a more awesome car. When the race started we were not as strong as Gordon, but quickly changed that. We led a few laps and probably was gaining some very good points. During one of the cautions I didn't change all 4 tires just because I wanted track position. We didn't get the best restart probably because of the old tires, but right as I switching gears or something Tony Stewart got into the back of me. Now I don't know for sure what happened. I need to examine the tapes a little more, but I know he hit us from behind and we went spinning and got into a bunch of other cars which I felt bad about. I am fine after that crash for anyone who might have been concerened. I'm not placing fault on Stewart, but he definitely hasn't become one of my favorites lately. I know everyone knows a fight broke out between my crew and Tony's crew, but according to my crew chief Tommy Baldwin he didn't start it. He went down there to talk to Greg Zippadelli to rant about Tony but he never even got the chance. It was a bad thing to have happen, but I was nowhere near involved. I was still talking to reporters. I haven't even talked to Tony yet, and I don't even know if I will. I know I did nothing wrong per say, but I'm sure NASCAR will have something to say about it. Ray Evernham and all the guys on both my team and Jeremy's team are standing strong. I'm glad we have this weekend off. I definitely need a little bit of a break to refresh myself. Hope everyone has a great off weekend and I'll see you all in Loudon.

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