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My First Brickyard 400

Hey guys! I heard a lot of media guys saying how Indy was going to be huge for the rookies. And of course they all mentioned my name. I swear half of the media guys said this could be the site of my first win. The other half said rookies don't win at Indy. We unloaded good right off the bat. We qualified 12th which was awesome for our first time being here. We were fastest in the last practice if I'm not mistaken which definitely made Ray excited. He won with Bill Elliot here in 2002 and I know how bad he wants to win here again. Our car started off pretty good. We were running with Jeremy Mayfield most of the time in the top 10. Then I cut a tire. I ended up being 1 lap down and in like 38th or something. A caution came just in time and we got the lucky dog. Before you know it, I was back up there running with Jeremy in the top 10. Our car was just that awesome. Now I've been asked did I have a car capable of winning today's race? Of course I did. But did I have something that could have beat Sadler, Jarett, and Jeff Gordon? More than likely no. No one could stop Jeff Gordon. He was just THAT good. We ended up finishing 4th which I think may have broke a record, but don't hold me to that stat. Most rookies I guess don't finish that high, but I have a great crew working with me and Tommy is just a genius in the pits that I am lucky to be running this well as a rookie!

I want to say congrats to Greg Biffle on such a good finish! He's been bad fast as of lately for sure! Glad to see us Washington boys had something for the Indiana Kids! Glad to see Mikey rebound to a 20 place finish! Oh and lets not forget..Bill Elliot made his return to the track this weekend! It was so awesome to have him back! He finished 9th which was just so awesome! I hope we get to see him racing again soon!

I will see you all at Watkins Glen next week where I hope you all go easy on me since I'm not too good at road courses yet. LOL! Good luck to you all! And I'll see you at the track!!

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Hey there, Kasey!

I was actually surprised when I heard your name brought up in the media as possibly getting your first win here. My surprise has nothing to do with your driving abilities, because everyone recognizes that you have something undeniably special going on. Like you mentioned other guys were saying, Indy doesn't tend to favor rookies. You had an outstanding run today! What a way to break onto the Brickyard! In a year or two, I'm sure you'll bring that #9 back to Victory Lane and will be kissing those bricks!

Speaking of the #9, I think it was quite fitting for ol' Bill Elliott to come in 9th today. That's been his number for so long that, if he's not in the #9 car, he might as well finish there.

= D

You know, I thought I'd heard you'd picked up the lucky dog some time or other today! I thought I must have been hearing things wrong, because then there you were at the front of the field, contending with the leaders. I think NASCAR was awfully smart for coming up with that lucky dog pass! It makes racing more exciting for fans, and today it gave you that second chance you needed to jump back into the thick of things. I can't say enough how impressed I am at how you ran in your first Brickyard 400! Boy, you've done yourself proud!

20th was good for the NAPA team today. We'll take it. That's our best finish of the weekend, and after the way we practiced, 20th doesn't look too bad. We did gain on Jimmie Johnson after the poor boy lost his engine.

Jeff Gordon was on rails today! After a while, you just knew he was going to win... of course the whole time, I was thinking about how I was gonna get up there with him and take the win for myself. I bet we were all thinking that! That's just the breed of cats we are!

Have a good week, Kasey! Take care!

- Mike