Heather (heather_2908) wrote in nascarroleplay,


Well, Richmond just wasn't meant to help me in any way. I was in the top 10 before this race, but our short track program just isn't the best yet. Maybe it's because I'm a rookie or maybe I'm just not feeling the short tracks with the Cup car yet. I am so proud of my teammate Jeremy Mayfield for winning this race!! He made it into the top 10 and now hopefully will come out being champ! I've heard all the theories out there about Jr spinning me out on purpose. Well, that is not true. I know Dale Jr very well and he'd never do anything like that to me. It's a shame we won't be able to compete for the championship in our first season, but we'll get them next year. And remember we are still battling for the last place on the stage aka 11th place in the points. These last 10 races have a lot of tracks where I know I can run good so I'm ready to go out and win some races!! Loudon shall be a good race for us. If Hurricane Ivan doesn't stop us first! See you all in Loudon!! Good luck this weekend!!

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