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Charlotte Night Race..

Another night race. Another chance at victory. Another chance at victory ruined. I qualified 2nd. Ryan laid down such a great lap that I was thrilled to start on the outside pole. I knew the minute we unloaded we would be good. My team and I just love these kind of tracks. We seem to run so well at these kinds of tracks for some reason. I had heard all weekend that the media said I was the man to beat. During that race I started to believe them. My car handled so good and was so fast! I had a 5 second or more lead over the 2nd place car and was lapping cars left and right. I thought our night had ended when the front suspension or something broke. Or at least I thought it broke. Tommy Baldwin decided not to pit under one of the cautions and it didnt seem to matter that we stayed out. We managed to just keep going and being really fast. I knew Jimmie Johnson was coming for us, but we were always running faster than them. Then the worst thing happened. The front tire blew out. How crappy was that. I was on my way to my first victory and that happens. Oh well. Guess tonight wasn't the night. We'll just have to go to Martinsville next weekend and see what happens there.
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You know, sometimes when I get to thinking about the bad luck that me and the NAPA team have experienced this season, I consider how many races looked like they were in your hands and just slipped away. I feel for you, buddy! Everyone knew you had that race in the bag, and Jimmie even said it from victory lane. You dominated tonight, and it may be tough to think about it this way right now, but going out on top is better than just plain struggling all the time. Everybody in the garage area knows that six or seven wins should have been yours at this point, and that illusive victory has to be just around the corner for you.

Talk about crappy luck this week, I lost a tire with four to go yesterday in the Busch series and then hit the wall after being extremely aeroloose at the end of tonight's race, this time with sixteen laps to the finish. So I guess we're riding the same bummed-out bus tonight. Sorry for the both of us.

- Mike